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"The French Canard"

R J . 0 3   I B I S   B U I L D E R   G E R A L D   W . G A Y 

To show you what an RJ.03 IBIS experimental aircraft looks like I included the picture above. It shows an RJ.03 IBIS built by a French builder.
I'm building this wooden two-seater canard aircraft in the USA.
IBIS is of French design and is economical to build, to operate and to maintain. This aircraft is designed around VW-aero engines of up to 80HP.

Image: Gerald W. Gay - RJ.03 IBIS experimental aircraft builder in the USA

With an engine of only 80HP (VW-based, Jabiru 2200 or others), you get a performance very similar to a PA28 or C172.

The rest of this small experimental aircraft websit consists mainly of pictures with some text. If you have any questions about my project, feel free to check out this page to find out how to contact me.

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Gerald's RJ.03 IBIS homebuilt airplane "The French Canard"