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Building the main wing

B U I L D I N G   T H E   M A I N   W I N G 

To be able to build the main wing, I had to extend the work bench which I used to build the IBIS fuselage structure (see picture below).
As you can see, I've only just begun to build the main wing.
The first job, shown here on the workbench in its early stages, is to laminate the main spar, which is a hollow box structure.

Image: Gerald W. Gay - RJ.03 IBIS experimental aircraft builder in the USA

Image: Main wing - - starting to laminate the main spar

Main wing construction

The main wing is built mostly out of wood. The spar, the ribs, the skins and control surfaces are all wood. The space between the ribs is filled up with foam material. The plywood skin is vacuumbagged to this structure. It should make for a very smooth skin: no rivets, no sagging fabric, just a smooth glued plywood surface.

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