Gerald W. Gay RJ.03 IBIS experimental aircraft builder in the USA

L I N K S 

The RJ.03 IBIS experimental aircraft community is rather small compared to those that support other types of canard aircraft.
If you know other sites that focus on the IBIS homebuilt aircraft, please let me know, so that I can include them in the lists below.

I B I S   D E S I G N E R   /   P U B L I S H E R 

Jean Claude Junqua, former French airforce and airline pilot & IBIS co-designer  

O T H E R   I B I S   B U I L D E R S 

RJ.03 IBIS canard experimental aircraft project by Hans Zwakenberg, a Dutchman based in Germany 
RJ.03 IBIS project by Hans Holsink, based in Hilversum, The Netherlands (near Amsterdam)  
From Argentine: B. Lorenzo Lavalle - Spanish language website  

I B I S   C O M M U N I T I E S 

RJ.03 IBIS Experimental Aircraft Yahoo Group. So far the only English language internet based IBIS community 

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